To All Schools we are going to be doing are one-on-one support sessions for all schools. This is to check your school setup and ensure that you are ready for Sept. We highly recommend that every school attend one session, even if you have used MyEd for a few years, just to make sure you are not missing anything.

To sign up for a session please click:
Book an appointment with MyEducationBC Independent Schools using SetMore

You will use the following Zoom link for the session:

Before you attend one of these sessions I highly recommend you watch these step by steps videos that explain how to check everything before school.

  1. Start of School Setup Checklist Videos
  2. Checklist

The following reference documents are referred to in the checklist above:

  1. The New K-9 Ministry Course Codes can be viewed in this Excel Document. Note: there are tabs across the bottom for the different grades.