Table of Contents

  1. Click here to view and complete MOU with Ministry
  2. Basic Timeline and implementation process
  3. Link to Available Training for Wave #2 Independent schools
  4. Link to some videos on some of the features and functions of Aspen
  5. If you are a NON-BCESIS school and are interested in implementing MyEd please complete the following expression of interest.

Important Information for BCeSIS and NON-BCeSIS Schools

  1. All BCeSIS Independent schools need to be off BCeSIS and using MyEducationBC by Sept 2015. This is due to the fact that BCeSIS is being completely decommissioned by Dec 2015. All data from BCeSIS will be automatically converted from BCeSIS to MyEd during the summer for BCeSIS schools.
  2. All NON-BCeSIS schools are welcome to join MyEdBC however currently no conversion tool is available, as such you will have to manually enter all student data. They are working on a conversion tool, but until it is delivered by the Provincial team we suggest that only non-BCeSIS schools with less than 100 trying implementing at the moment. Once this tool is available then we will be able to convert all non-BCeSIS schools as needed.

Letter of Introduction

After months of diligent effort, involving a wide range of participants in the selection process, the Ministry signed a contract with Aspen/Follet for a replacement for BCeSIS – called MyEducationBC.

As the FISA iGroup is aware, a number of schools are looking for a new student information system, and as such we want to highlight a few of the many features ofMyEducationBCAspen:

  1. Aspen has the ability to integrate into your current third party systems, such as: accounting systems, library system, admissions system, and fundraising systems.

  2. Aspen has the ability for any user at any time to build their own custom reports. These reports can report out any field on any set of students in a variety of formats (ie. PDF, csv, Word). You can see some of the reporting abilities here:

  3. Aspen has the ability for teachers to communicate with students regarding grades, assignments, and resources via a secure student portal. You can see some of the portal abilities here:

  4. Aspen has the ability for teachers to communicate with parents regarding report cards, attendance and grades via a secure parent portal and also to communicate via email. You can see some of the portal abilities here:

  5. Aspen allows schools to customize the application to their local school requirements such as the tracking of specific data fields, custom report cards, and other localizations.

  6. Aspen has the ability to be accessed on any type of device: desktops, tablets, android phones, iphones, or any other device with a browser. You can see the system requirements here:

All of these features and many more, like timetable scheduling, will be available to all schools on the first day of implementation.

We are expecting the first schools to start using MyEducationBC/Aspen as of Sept 2014. This implementation in Sept 2014 is open to all schools, both those currently using BCeSIS as well as any school using another system.

If you are interested in implementing the new MyEducationBC/Aspen system, the timeline for implementation is as follows:

  1. Your school should attend one of the open demo sessions that the Ministry doing. You can sign-up here:

  2. Your school can indicate to the Independent School implementation team your interest in being involved by filling out this form:

  3. Your school will be receiving a Memorandum of Understanding from the Ministry in the next month which is the contract between your school and the Ministry for the new MyEducationBC. (Click here to complete MOU)

  4. From today until the end of March 2014,  the Ministry and independent school implementation team will be working on a basic configuration of the system for all schools in BC.

  5. Starting in April 2014, the independent school implementation team will be further customizing the system to meet the unique requirements of independent schools, such as creating ES-Audit reports.

  6. Starting in May 2014, independent school implementation team will be training the first groups of independent schools, and helping those schools to further customize the system to meet their requirements, such as IB reporting

  7. It is anticipated that the first group of schools will go live in Sept 2014, with data conversion being done automatically during the summer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Independent School Project Manager, Andrew Smit at: or visit the FISA iGroup website for updates:

We believe that MyEducationBC/Aspen is capable of meeting the needs for all the independent schools regarding student information systems.

On behalf of your FISA iGroup,

Allan Garneau

Chairman, iGroup Executive Committee