Wave #4 Implementation Timeline and  Process

(updated 17th Feb 2017)

Tasks with the Ministry: 

FISA Independent School Implementation Team (iGroup) Timeline: 

  • Feb 2017: Present a series of introduction online sessions which will outline the implementation process, demo of MyEdBC, and answer any questions. (all schools are welcome to join you don’t need to have signed the MOU or anything).
  • March  – July 2017: Presenting in person implementation training session. There will be sessions available in Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Kelowna and Victoria. Details on training schedule and to sign up can be found here
  • Aug 2017: Present Introduction to Teacher Portal (1hour) for all teachers that are interested.
  • 21st August  – 1st Sept 2017: Present 1 hour  One-on-One sessions with each school to ensure they are setup and ready for start of school.
  • Last two weeks of August and first two weeks of September we will be present a number of 2.5 hour teacher training sessions online for your teachers.
  • 5th Sept: School Starts 🙂
  • Oct 2017: Present Parent and Student Portal Training.

Individual School Tasks