Below is a list of the upcoming training sessions that are available for Independent schools who are implementing MyEducationBC. If you missed an online session you can view the recordings by clicking here

Open Sessions (All Schools)

We are going to do a number of open workshops around the province over the next couple months. These workshops would be open sessions where schools can come in person and ask our team questions and we will demonstrate how to use a particular function, and also a chance for you to talk with other school people who do similar jobs to yourself and see how they do things in MyEdBC. Please sign up for each person attending. Please note that there is a max of two people per school allowed. Also this event is free to all schools, and will include lunch.

  • Click Here Sign-Up for Victoria Open Session (please note that the confirmation email you get will mention something about logging in with a link, just ignore it. The session is in person and those instructions are for when we do online training)

*If you have a group of schools that are outside those locations that you can arrange a date that would work with all those schools please contact us and we might be able to hold sessions in other locations. (typically we need about 4 – 5 schools in order to be able to do a session and make it cost effective)

Teacher Training Sessions

These sessions will cover how to login, view student data, how to take attendance, how to setup and use your gradebook (including assignments), and how to enter report card marks and comments

Topic Specific Training

In the same way as we have done with BCeSIS we will be presenting a number of topic specific training throughout the coming school year. As soon as we confirm dates and times we will be posting them here. Here is a sample of some of the topics we will be doing.

  1. *New* Power Bi Data Dashboards Session (Click here for Intro Video)
    • Before the session you should download the following GDE Files: (Student Top Tab->Options->GDE)
      • Student Demographics Enhanced
      • Student Period Absences
      • Student Daily Absences
    • Before the session you should download and install the following:
  2. Start of School tasks
  3. Enrolling Students (including recently Archived Students)
  4. Attendance for Front Office
  5. 1701 Reporting
  6. TRAX Reporting
  7. Parent and Student Portal
    • TBA
  8. Report Cards
    • Click here for Recordings
    • Please note that we will be doing a seperate session for report cards this year.a. The High School report card session will be simliar to what we did in previous years and will be focused on using the old report card that we have in previous year. (if you are elementary and going to use the old report card you should attend this session).b. The Elementary/New Curriculum report card sessions will be covering the new standards based report card. (it will be focused on Elementary but high schools can attend as well)
  9. Final Report Cards and PSR
  10. ES-Audit
  11. Scheduling
  12. Year End Transition and end of year tasks.


  1. Link to Implementation Process Online Session Recordings and ppt