Solving Java Problems when running BCeSIS

***Disclaimer.  Before you attempt any changes to your computer, please consult your network technician at your school***

BCeSIS requires your computer to have Java installed, however only version 1.6 is currently working with BCeSIS.  The current version is known as Java 7 (1.7) and is not compatible with BCeSIS.

If BCeSIS is currently working for you, click here for instructions to turn off Java Auto Updating.


School District 20 has created a great walkthrough on the steps required for changing back to Java 6 on a Mac.  Click here for the walkthrough.


Helpful Tips

If you see the banner below, do not click on the “Update plug-in” box.


You may continue to get this message every time  you open BCeSIS.  If you do, click on the “Run this time” button.

Remove Java Version 7

If you see the error “FRM-92095 Oracle Jlnitiator version too low. Please install version or higher” this is likely a sign that you have the most recent version of Java.

Instructions to uninstall Java 7 can be found here.

Install Java Version 6

Click on the link below to download the tested version of Java that works with BCeSIS.

Download and install Windows x86 Online (32-bit).  You will need to restart the computer once it is installed.