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Parent Portal Welcome Email

Sep 29, 2015 in Implementation, MyEducationBC

Here is the email that MyEducation sends out upon account created. — Welcome to the Independent Schools District A MyEducation BC PARENT PORTAL which will allow access to see grades, attendance and other information on your child(ren). Each parent or guardian will have their own separate account. To Access the MyEducation BC System 1.  Visit […]

One-on-One Start of School Sessions

Aug 24, 2015 in Implementation, MyEducationBC, Training

We are offering one-on-one, one hour online sessions to facilitate the start of school.  We require that every school signs up for one of these sessions.  Please sign up for a session here.

MyEducation Implementation Training for BCeSIS Schools

Apr 14, 2015 in BCeSIS, Implementation, MyEducationBC

To All BCeSIS Schools Only. As you all know BCeSIS will be ending in Sept 2015, and as such all BCeSIS schools need to receive training to move to MyEducation. You can now sign-up for session here: Please note these sessions are just for BCeSIS schools moving to MyEd. We are also looking for […]

MyEducationBC Update

Aug 15, 2014 in Implementation

To All Wave #1 MyEducationBC Schools. Due to a delay that the Provincial Team experienced with conversion and the fact that they had to fix some things with conversion last night our timelines have been changed slightly. Here is the basic plan. 1. Our team got has access to the Production today. We need to […]

MyEducationBC Update

Aug 14, 2014 in Implementation

They successfully completed conversion this morning and we had access for a few hours to start configuration of district level settings, but then the Provincial team noticed an error with some student data, so they have removed access temporarily until Friday. I will keep you updated once we have access again.

MyEducation Conversion Update

Aug 12, 2014 in Implementation

To All Wave #1 schools. The word from the provincial team is that conversion is taking longer than expected. They are now saying that it will be Thursday 14th Aug before we will have access to the Production Environment. I will keep you posted as soon as I have more information. Thanks, Andrew.

MyEducation Production Go-Live

Aug 11, 2014 in Implementation

To All Wave #1 Schools. Just to let you know we haven’t received access to the Production MyEdBC Environment as of yet. As soon as we have access (hopefully today) then we just need to go in and check a few things at the district level. Then the plan is that all the Wave #1 […]

Wave #1 Confirmation and Training Dates

Jun 20, 2014 in Implementation

To All Schools interested in being a part of Wave #1 I have updated the information on our website to include the latest information about the implementation of MyEducaiton including dates and recordings of the implementation presentation and powerpoint. You can view it here: I have posted the first list of available admin training […]

MyEdBC Teacher Intro Online Session

Jun 19, 2014 in Implementation

To All Schools We are going to be holding an online introduction session to the Apsen/MyEdBC Teacher Module on: Friday June 20th at noon and also Thursday June 26th at 1pm Both these sessions will be the same and will be about an hour in length. It will be an opportunity for you and your […]

MyEducation/Aspen Wave #1 Implementation Call

Jun 09, 2014 in Implementation

To All Wave #1 Schools, and those that might be interested in being in Wave #1 We are going to be holding 4 implementation calls over the next two weeks. Wed – June 11th @ 11am Thurs – June 12th @ noon Mon – June 16th @11am Tues – June 17th @3pm In these call’s […]