MyEdBC: Calendar Issue

Sep 04, 2014 in MyEducationBC

To All MyEdBC Schools. For those of you that experienced the “Calendar” where you couldn’t assign days and bell schedules to specific dates in the future. That issue should have been resolved now by the Provincial Team. You can go back into your calendar and setup those remaining dates. If you have any issues please report it to the helpdesk so that we can take it back to the Provincial team.

MyEdBC Password Issue

Aug 29, 2014 in MyEducationBC

Dear schools, we have accidentally reset all passwords in MyedBC. We apologize for this error. Please advise all of your users of this change.

If users are currently logged in, you can change your password in set preferences > security > password change.

All other users should use the forgot password feature to reset their passwords.  If there are issues, your administrator will be able to retrieve the generated password for you.

If you have any issues please submit a helpdesk ticket and we can help you with it.

Daily Attendance Setup

Aug 27, 2014 in MyEducationBC

We have just received the recording on taking AM/PM attendance from the Provincial team. You can view it here.

MyEdBC: Finding/Create Usernames and Passwords

Aug 26, 2014 in MyEducationBC

We have had a number of schools who have created username accounts for their staff and now are wondering how to retrieve those usernames and passwords. Adam has created a great little document which shows step-by-step how to view the usernames and passwords

We have also had a number of schools that are wondering how to create usernames and passwords for their staff and what login username they should use. Albert has created a document which shows step-by-step how to create usernames properly.

Upcoming Training for BCeSIS and MyEducationBC

Aug 26, 2014 in MyEducationBC

Managing Enrollment During having both BCeSIS and MyEdBC. 

We highly suggest that all schools attend the following session, which will explain the process of how enrollment of student works between the two systems including cross-enrollment. These session will cover the process for both BCeSIS and MyEdBC schools so both school types are invited.

Date: Thursday August 28th @ 9:30am until 11:30am (although I don’t think it will go that long).

Elluminate Login:

MyEducationBC Teacher Training

We will holding a teacher training session for MyEdBC schools on Thursday August 28th @ 11am. We will be recording this session, and as well will be repeating it in September if you cannot attend.

Login info can be found here:

MyEducationBC Daily Attendance Training

The provincial team is training us later this week so the plan will be to do the training for school on Friday sometime. Stay tuned for details. Again we will be recording it if you have missed it. (the session should be short, 30mins)

MyEdBC Calendar Error

Aug 25, 2014 in MyEducationBC

A number of schools are receiving the following errror on their calendars when they are assign days and bell schedules. “The date specified is not in-session in the district calendar” and it is for random dates. It seems to be a bug in the system (and it is happening province wide) because we don’t have any dates set as non-session dates at the district level. The provincial team is aware of it and has been working on a solution for the last week. As soon as we have a solution from the provincial team I will be sending it out to all schools.

Enrollment Process for BCeSIS and MyEdBC

Aug 25, 2014 in MyEducationBC

Please review the following document which explains some of the cases that you will experience with enrolling student now that there are two systems working together.

MyEd Standards Transition Appendix draft – Aug 20 (PDF)

List of Schools using MyEdBC

Aug 21, 2014 in MyEducationBC

The Provincial Team has provided a list of the schools currently live in MyEducation BC.

You can find it by going to

ISW-BC Home >  District Collaboration >  BCeSIS Information Updates

The list will be updated frequently as more schools go live, so please refer to the ISW for the latest version.

MyEducationBC Start of School Recording

Aug 20, 2014 in MyEducationBC

Here is the recording from today’s session. It is VERY important that you watch this recording if you did not attend in person BEFORE you do anything in the Production. It has a lot of critical information. (especially about account creation)

The username token you need for Primary email address is {person.email01}

Please note that there is a little of a blank space at the beginning so you can just fast forward it. (it starts around 2:49:25) 


MyEducationBC Production Access

Aug 20, 2014 in MyEducationBC

To All Wave #1 Schools.

All of you that have received your username and password should now have FULL ACCESS to the Production Environment. Please note that you will have to logout and then log back in to see the new access.

Please note as well that we haven’t added the User Creator role just yet, we just need to config a small thing and then we will will assign it to everyone, it should be done later this evening.

Also please note that anyone who requested usernames today we are still working on them, we have received a lot of requests and are slowly going through them. You should have your accounts setup this evening.