MyEducationBC Update

To All Wave #1 MyEducationBC Schools.

Due to a delay that the Provincial Team experienced with conversion and the fact that they had to fix some things with conversion last night our timelines have been changed slightly. Here is the basic plan.

1. Our team got has access to the Production today. We need to do a few district level setup things, and check a few things with the school setup.

2. On Sunday evening the Provincial team will be copying the Production to the Test environment.

3. On Monday morning you will have full access to the Test environment so that you can do any training as required. (please note all training should be done in the Test environment and not Production)

4. On Monday morning you will have read-only access to the Production environment so that you can check your data in the Production environment.

5. On Wednesday morning we will be doing an Elluminate session were we will be walking through all the things you will still need to setup in the Production environment. Once that is done you will be grant full access to the Production environment and you can start using the system.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me:

– Independent School Project Manager –

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