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MyEducation Implementation Training for BCeSIS Schools

Apr 14, 2015 in BCeSIS, Implementation, MyEducationBC

To All BCeSIS Schools Only. As you all know BCeSIS will be ending in Sept 2015, and as such all BCeSIS schools need to receive training to move to MyEducation. You can now sign-up for session here: Please note these sessions are just for BCeSIS schools moving to MyEd. We are also looking for […]

Upcoming MyEd & BCeSIS Outages in March

Feb 23, 2015 in BCeSIS, MyEducationBC

The Ministry is doing another set of converions in March. This is just a heads up for those outage dates so that you can plan around it.  Sorry we have no control over them they are set by the Ministry. Environments Dates Details MyEducation BC Production and SDTest Mar 12 -13 MyEducation BC SDTest will […]

Upcoming BCeSIS and MyEd Scheduled Outages

Jan 27, 2015 in BCeSIS, MyEducationBC

In order for the Provincial Team to do some conversion from BCeSIS to MyEd. Below are listed some of the upcoming outages for both BCeSIS and MyEducationBC  Environments Dates Details MyEducation BC Production and SDTest Feb 5 Cohort 4 conversion begins: MyEducation BC Production and SDTest environments will be taken offline at 5 pm PT. Feb […]

MyEdBC – Training Recordings Posts for 1701, TRAX, and Report Cards

Jan 23, 2015 in 1701, MyEducationBC, Training, TRAX

You can find the recordings from the sessions that we did this week here: Please note that for 1701 and TRAX we suggest that you test submitting these submissions early so that if there are any issues we can get the Provincial Team to work on resolving them. Also with Report Cards I would […]

MyEdBC Training – 1701, Trax and Report Cards

Jan 13, 2015 in 1701, MyEducationBC, Report Cards, Training, TRAX

To All MyEd schools. We have some upcoming online training next week. 1. 1701 – Tuesday January 20th, 2015 @ 10:30am 2. Report Cards – Wednesday January 21st, 2015 @ 1:30pm 3. TRAX – Thursday January 22nd, 2015 @ 10:30am You will use the following link to attend the training:

Thanksgiving Weekend Conversion Outage

Oct 08, 2014 in MyEducationBC

To All Users Please note that this Thanksgiving long weekend the Provincial Team is doing another conversion load from BCeSIS to MyEducationBC. As such  MyEducationBC and BCeSIS will be UNAVAILABLE from 5pm on Friday (10th Oct) until 7am on Tuesday (14th Oct). Please note for those schools that are live in MyEducation and BCeSIS there […]

1701 for Independent Schools.

Sep 30, 2014 in 1701, MyEducationBC

At the request of FISA BC , the Ministry has changed the 1701 data collection snapshot date for independent schools to October 17, 2014 to align with the adjusted 1701 dates for public schools.  Please note the following dates: Snapshot: October 17 Files Due:  October 24 This change was requested by the FISA BC  Board of Directors in order […]

Course Flavors

Sep 24, 2014 in How-To's, MyEducationBC

When you need the ability to have additional locally developed courses, you need to create flavors of courses.  Here is a video on how to create the flavors.

MyEducation Addresses

Sep 24, 2014 in MyEducationBC

Here is a little document which might help you with handling addresses in MyEducationBC Addresses in MyEducation BC (PDF)  

MyEducationBC: Duplicate PEN error reports

Sep 22, 2014 in How-To's, MyEducationBC

To MyEducation and BCeSIS Schools If you are getting reports of duplicate PEN errors from the Ministry, then please submit the duplicates to our helpdesk using the following form: Duplicate Form Thanks.