Duplicate Students

Link to how to have duplicate students removed.

COVID:  Transition/Remote Attendance Tracking & Weekly Ministry Reporting

If you have students that are working remotely or doing some type of blended online/offline learning. Here is a guide on how to setup the offsite attendance codes

COVID: Learning Groups

For all schools that have students in learning groups/cohorts. Here is a guide on how to setup the program groups for ministry reporting.

Scheduling For Next Year using Build View: Start scheduling your school and courses for the next year.

Scheduling in the Current Year

The following document outlines different ways you can schedule students into courses or homerooms  in the current school year. (click here)

The following video outlines how to mass create courses, and then mass assign students to courses. This is useful for doing report cards, PSR, and 1701 for schools not using MyEdBC for report cards or class based attendance. (click here for video)

Scheduling Students by Cohorts  – scheduling in MyEducationBC as part of Stage 2 of the COVID-19: Return to School plan.

The following is for high schools that used the Build View in MyEdBC and now need to make adjustments to meet the COVID cohort requirements:

  1. Previously recorded session: https://vimeo.com/446965271/5da83598bb
  2. Click here for PowerPoint from recorded session
  3. Click here for reference document

Teacher Introduction Sessions The following is a series of recordings that introduces the teacher module. It was an opportunity for staff to be able to see what Aspen will look like for teachers. Both recordings are the same and you only need to watch one.

1701 Recording

Please note the snapshot date for 1701 is 30th Sept 2020.

TRAX Recording

Before completing TRAX, ensure to review the 1701 Sessions.

Implementation Introduction Sessions The following are recordings of a call we did in Apr & May 2015 which covers  the implementation process for schools over the next few months, training that is going to be available to schools and teachers, and how conversion of data will work, and answer any questions that you might have about the process of getting ready for September.

  • Coming Soon

 Start of School Tasks Session Here is the recording from 20th August 2014. It is VERY important that you watch this recording if you did not attend in person BEFORE you do anything in the Production. It has a lot of critical information.

Managing Student Enrollment: Here is a recording that the provincial team did that explains how enrollment works now that there are two systems


Daily Attendance Recording

We have just received the recording on taking AM/PM attendance for elementary schools. You can view it here.


Report Card Recording

Entering Final Marks & PSR Recording (for schools NOT using Report Cards) 

Click here to download PSR guide (thanks to Island Catholic Schools for providing this to our team)

ES-Audit Recordings

End of Year Rollover (EOYR) Year End Transition

Student IEP’s

Here is an introduction to adding IEP’s to students and how you get the information on the 1701 and PSR (click here)

Create Staff Accounts

Create Student Accounts

Please refer to this document which explains how to create student accounts: Student User Account Set Up (pdf)

Create Parent Accounts 

Please refer to this document which explains how to create parent accounts for the portal: Create Parent Accounts (pdf)

Click here to view video how to create parent accounts, merge parents, and an overview of the portal

Import Student Emails: 

Please refer to this document which explains how to create the CSV file for import. (Click HERE)

Once you have the CSV file ready then please open a new helpdesk ticket and attach it.

Import Student Photo’s: 

Please refer to this document which explains how to import photo’s to MyEdBC. (Click HERE)

How to Enter and Manage Student/Parent Address:

  • Please refer to this document which explains how to Addresses (Click HERE)
  • Please refer to this video which shows how to share Addresses (Click HERE)

Excel Training Videos: 

  • How to use VLookUp with Multiple variables (Click HERE)

Open Sessions: